3 d乳房x光检查


A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray image of the breast that helps doctors detect abnormalities in breast tissue. 虽然, 乳房x光检查不能检测出这些异常是否为癌症, 它可以检测你是否需要寻求进一步的治疗. Now, thanks to 3D mammograms, doctors are capable of detecting cancer more accurately.


Experts recommend that women get regular mammogram screenings based on their age and health history, as one out of eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Detecting breast cancer can increase the five-year survival rate to almost 100%.


2D的区别是什么 & 3 d乳房x光检查?

用二维乳房x光检查, 每个乳房拍两次x光片, 从上到下, 当乳房被压缩时,从一边到另一边. 乳房由脂肪组织组成, 血管, 乳导管, 和韧带, which can make it difficult to diagnose any abnormalities due to the compressed tissues overlapping. With 3D mammograms, physicians are able to view the many layers and angles within the breast tissue. The images of a 3D mammogram are more clear, as the doctor can view each slice that was taken.

保险 coverage may vary due to the new technology of the 3D mammography. Please check with your insurance carrier to find out your benefits and coverage.

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